Branco Takes Over Our Playlist With His New EP (AWAKEN II)

Branco is an innovative musician, songwriter, and producer from Cape Town, whose love for poetry, music, and rhythm is translated through his craft. Branco picked up hip hop dancing classes as a 7-year-old, he found himself rapping out the lyrics to the songs as he danced. As amazing as this was for family and friends, entertainment was not considered a potential career given his Gabonese/Congolese roots. Having this kinda obstacle in his life didn’t stop him to pursue what he loves. Branco has since followed his heart, winning rap and dance battles throughout his High School days. In 2008 and 2009 he was part of a rap crew that was rich in talent but fell short of the drive.

Recently Branco released his new EP titled ‘AWAKEN II’ which is based on the challenges he faced when he was growing up. The EP tells a story of him making it in the industry and sending a clear message of not backing down (check his WALALA WASALA song)AWAKEN II is a platinum piece of work as Branco takes the listener on a journey to success from the first Intro song to the last song called ‘No Sleep‘. Bigger Than That is a song that is definitely a banger. It should be played on the radio. Hold up, you can’t miss the Jamaican/Reggaeton vibes on the ”Bad Ting” song featuring Black Money. Overall Branco came through hard with this EP and it shows he’s not playing. He is here to stay. We can’t wait to see what he come up with next. All the best to him. Missed his release? Don’t worry we got you. Check out our favorite song from his EP below.

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