Creative Chat With Street Walkers Revival

We had the amazing opportunity to interview one of the founders of Street Walkers Revival about Cape Town street culture, who they are and our recent Iconic Black Collaboration.

Street Walkers Revival was established in 2016 by a group of friends who shared a love for passion and photography. Inclusive of photographers, models and all sorts of creative individuals.

The name Street Walkers Revival is a mixture of different elements. “Our love for street culture is basically what the name represents” says one of the founders , Neville Escobar.

The Street Walkers Revival describes themselves as a multitalented creative group which gives other creative individuals that don’t have a platform, a platform to showcase their creativity.

Recently Iconic Black announced a creative collaboration with one of the founders, Neville, who explains his inspiration behind the collaboration: “Iconic Black represents the youth and street walkers is the youth itself. The concepts consists of diverse ideas put together by people within our group. The concept covered individual differences amongst young people in the creative industry and shows that it is these differences that brings them together under one brand (Iconic black) which allows them the freedom to create.”

The street culture in Cape Town is unique but highly underrated and overlooked at times. Street Walkers Revival contributes to this by bringing brands and creatives together with the aim of widening/spreading the culture.

There are many challenges that comes with being a creative. First and foremost is that you have limited access to certain resources unless you’re someone of a certain stature and this makes it hard for creatives to pursue their goals. This does make the game more interesting as you learn to adapt and work with what you have right in front of you.

We currently have multiple projects lined up. The ideas and final touches are still being put together. Nothing is final yet.

Check out The Streetwalkers Revival “SHAKE THE ROOF” happening on the 19th December 2020.

Street Walkers Revival is definitely a group of woke creatives that should not be overlooked. I think we can all agree that Cape Towns and South African street culture/fashion is only starting to be noticed as of recently so we are excited and proud of our youth for showcasing it to the rest of the world to see.

Be sure to check out all their work on all social media platforms. Instagram: @streetwalkersrevival

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