DREW WINTR Serenade Us With His Self Released Single

Psst Psst, Is anybody home? Oh yes you are definitely home since it’s lockdown. I’m just here to tell you something! You know when you are in your feels and emotional? I think you know exactly what I’m saying. So I decided to go on a hunt on Spotify for some songs to nurse my emotions (nyana) and guess what I found? I found some cool RNB tracks from this cool guy. He’s local, very good and I ended up moving the 2000s Nelly Dilemma way. Okay sit down and let me tell you more about his music journey. Don’t say I didn’t plug you.

South African R&B rising Star, DREW WINTR, is set to serenade us as he opens up about the process from hurting to healing and loving on his latest self-released single ILY short for I LOVE YOU, supported by CHENOA NWOKEDI.

Drew WINTR is a 21-year-old musician and singer- songwriter from Soweto, South Africa. Born Vuyo Kobokwana, DREW as is known on stage, has emerged as one of South Africa’s fastest-rising talents. In addition to his powerful natural gift, DREW is well-skilled in the art of music making.

He describes his music as immersive, with very rich emotions that make you feel like you’re on a journey. It’s also very expressive and sincere which makes the music very comforting and relatable. He clearly reminds of the likes of Miguel, Jaden, Weeknd and our very own Yanga Yaya.

His latest single shows us his unique level of emotional intelligence with an exhibition of impeccable alertness of the world we love and live; in fused with his truth. From singing in the school choir to launching his solo music career, this globe trotting sensations love for music has always been evident and his prowess is witnessed in this latest offering which encapsulates languid guitar plucks, smooth chords and neck-snapping drums. With the pandemic still at it’s prime,2021 is certainly going to be an indolent year for some but not DREW, check out his latest offering below.


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