Joshy O Hook’s New EP: A Must-Have On Your Playlist

Have you ever listened to a mixture of South African sounds and Nigerian sounds? Oh yes you have when Burna Boy and Master KG did that remix of Jerusalem. That was cool right? But whats more cooler is listening to Joshy O Hook’s new EP (we found his music on youtube while reminiscing about the beach). The new EP has a bit of amapiano, afro beats and some hip hop-ish feel to it. All I can say is prepared to dance your heart out. Who is Joshy O Hook though?

Nigerian born Joshy O Hook who is now based in Cape town, South Africa started his music journey back in 2017 when he dropped his first single titled ”follow you”. The song went to put him on the music map with over 100k views on Youtube. Since then he dropped ‘Koba‘ which was a hit as well. Now he has a whole EP titled Lifestyle (Zulu Boy) which is why we are here today.

The Lifestyle E.P comes in with seven tracks in total with features from Wande Coal and other upcoming artists from Cape Town,South Africa. Their main single “Tonight” featuring Wande Coal has been rated as a banger and it’s currently being played everywhere in the streets (I heard it being played on The Hangout Duo radio). Joshy O’Hook’s main aspiration is to reach out and inspire a greater audience through his music.

This EP it’s a must-hear and an important body of work as it really sets the tone for what we can expect from Joshy O’Hook in the future with LITENATION RECORDS/GET SCARED ENTERTAINMENT.

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