North North Social Club Talks Art and Collaboration

We love seeing young creatives taking up space to contribute to the creative industry. We had a chance to talk to North North Social Club  a creative collective startup company based in Cape Town about how they are contributing to the industry and how important art is. Here’s what Andrea Davids and Chuma -Sande Bentele have to say!

How did you come up with the plan of starting a company?

Chuma Coming from the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, we were growing frustrated with having to travel all the way to the CBD for quality art gatherings so we decided to start our own. We weren’t sure what this would be but hosting culturally valuable and simply DOPE events and inspiring youth, especially from the North was what we wanted to achieve, hence NNSC.


What does art mean to you?

Andrea:Art to us is a skill. As it can be displayed and expressed through various mediums. We also see art as a tool. We use it to connect skilful and driven people with other like minded people. Which provides opportunities to network and inspire

Art is very rich in Cape Town, how do you see yourself doing after the lock down?
Chuma: I think social gatherings in general are going to be off the books for a while (rightly so). Luckily what we do doesn’t need to only exist in buildings only but online too. We’ve been planning a lot, and if all goes well, our time after the lock down should bring to life some exciting projects
In this era of digitization how are you working on implementing to be online and have an impact?
Chuma: We’ve been in the process of exploring ways into continuing our collaborations and empowering of  artists through a digital/online platform. However the platform functions, it should exist to benefit artists and creatives in general.
What’s lacking in terms of the art industry?
Andrea: We are slowly moving into the right direction. The art industry used to lack diversity and was seen as something that only a certain class of people could enjoy and afford. We believe this is changing and we are privileged to be part of the movement.
How do you plan to provide solutions to some of the challenges artists face?
Chuma: As a self-funding collective we try our best to help where we can by providing access to people in the industry who can assist or at least advise with these problems. This is an option we’d like to exercise more in the future.

To find out more about about North North Social Club. Follow them on Instagram.

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