The 7 Brothers of Fashion Taking Over The Fashion Scene With Their Youtube Channel and Style Projects

Millennials are leading the world and taking over especially in their adoption and use of technology. There has been significant growth in tech adoption since 2012 and young millennials are making money out of using digital spaces and social media. Young creators that are involved in the fashion industry particularly are taking this initiative to showcase what they are capable of, to attract brands, people and get influencer marketing gigs.

Recently we got to meet a young group of millennials called The 7 Brothers of Fashion which was founded due to the passion for fashion and the creative culture. The group is taking the opportunity of using technology to showcase their work. They have a youtube channel and their Instagram is starting to gain attraction due to their consistence of content creating.

The 7 Brothers of Fashion is a group of young individuals that grew up together as friends. They found a common interest in fashion back in 2018 and flourished with it ever since. They’ve created their YouTube channel to have a solid base of support for each one of them and what they do. The group members are Junior Musturi, Jay Devonte, Calvin Tineyi Alemau, Koko Musturi and Turrelle Chaz. The fashion group consists of a photographer, upcoming designer, financial account and a dancer. Their skills are not limited to the career path they have each chosen. They have so much more to offer individually.

From asking the public about social issues, current affairs to making fashion statements. The group is also a creating a platform for young millennials to engage, network and collaborate especially in Cape Town where it’s known to be cliquey. Together they don’t plan on changing the world not at all, but I’m sure they would want to impact it wherever they can. Check out their channel, subscribe for more amazing content from these guys and remember 7Love.

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